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About SMAB Agency

Founder & CEO

S.MAB Agency was founded in 1999 by Snoekie L. Mabena-Saleh in response to the severe skills shortage in the healthcare sector.

Snoekie Mabena-Saleh is a member of United Success, an international Business Women Forum.
She is also an EXCO member at Allied Health Care of South Africa (AHASA).
Board Member of Learning Initiative and Chairperson in Cape Town.
Board Member of Mohau Center in Pretoria.

Snoekie Mabena-Saleh's Accolades:

2003: Winner of Phenomenal Business Woman Award in Pretoria.
2005: Winner of Regional Business Achiever Award.
2013: Winner of International Enterprise Women in USA Florida.

Snoekie Mabena-Saleh is also a Certified Coach and a Motivator.


To become a passionate team that strives to empower people through training, job creation, improved IT services and a holistic wellness approach.


We operate a growing organization through superior customer service,innovation,commitment and integrity.


We pursue excellence and professionalism by delivering a service of high quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Central to our working philosophy is Corporate Social Responsibility. It is our way of giving back to the community to continue the ‘circle of life’.

S.MAB Group currently supports the following organisations in cash and kind:

Mohau Centre – An orphanage based in Kalafong
Donations of Christmas baby clothes to maternity wards in public hospitals
S.MAB Aviation Student Bursaries
(To historically disadvantaged learners)